How to buy/sell event ticket online in Nigeria.

If you’re ever planning to host an event, one good way to sell your event tickets fast and easy is using an online ticketing platform to sell your tickets, Selling tickets online has become an important requirement for good event tickets sales.
Just before we go into the main focus of our discussion, let me explain what an online event ticketing is:

What is Online Ticketing?

Online ticket, also called e-ticket is a digital ticket equivalent of a paper ticket, it is recorded electronically when the purchase is made, which gives you the right to attend an event or hangout.
With online ticketing system, you will have access to organized data, get reports and many more…
In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefit of selling your event tickets online and how to go about it. Also, details on how to book event tickets on ticketing platforms using Ticketbay one of the leading event ticketing websites in Lagos as an example.

What are the benefits of Online ticketing?
Now when I sell my event tickets online what do I stand to gain?
Accessibility: Ticket buyers can access and buy your ticket anywhere and anytime without stress.
Effective Pricing: Online ticketing allows you to set and adjust ticket prices without going through the stress of reprinting tickets.
Professionalism: The process of purchasing tickets through a well developed, visually pleasing system creates trust with your users.
Cost-Effective: Using online ticketing platform is cost-effective compared to the old way of printing tickets, most event ticketing platforms like Ticketbay is free to use
Secure: with the introduction of QR codes with event ticketing, it has also helped curb duplication of tickets.
Promotion: most ticketing platforms help in promoting your event to the right audience.
How to create/ List your event
For the sake of this write-up, we will be using Ticketbay event ticketing platform as a case study
Simply visit
Go to create event, it takes you to a page where you can log in or create an account
To register an account put in your email address and a username, choose Vendor then click on register. (Account verification will be sent to your email immediately)
Create a password and log in.
Click Create event on your dashboard.
Enter the necessary details for your events like description, date, time, location, ticket category and all necessary details.
Save the event you’ve created, and wait for it to be reviewed.

And there you have it your Event has been created, as an organizer in your account you have a dashboard which gives you access to monitor your ticket sales, organized attendees data and ticket bookings.
Note: However if you register as a “User” while setting up your account you can change it to a “Vendors” Account later.

What does it mean to buy or book an event ticket online?

    To buy event tickets, first, you have to select or use the search option to search the event you will like to book a ticket for, this will take you to the Event page.
    On the Event description page, you click on book now and then choose the category or type of ticket(s) you wish to buy. Click the Plus sign (+) to increase the number/quantity of tickets you want or use the minus sign (-) to reduce the number of tickets you are getting.
    On the “cart-event page” enter all the required details correctly, select your preferred payment option, enter your discount code if you have one then click on “Submit” to make your purchase.
    finally, once the payment process is completed and successful on Ticketbay, you will receive your barcode ticket(s) in the email address you provided earlier. Keep your ticket(s) handy, you will be required to present it at the event.
    Now you have a trusted place to visit for either selling or booking an event ticket.


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