His Loss – Written By Mhiz Jace

Enney couldn’t stop the rivulets of tears streaming down here cheeks.

Her forehead was creased with the concentration she put trying to mentally will herself to end the tears.

She kept muttering consoling words to herself.
She simply felt bone weary
It felt like all she was going through were clamoring for expressions.

The weight was cumbersome and all she could do was sit and let them roll down her cheeks as tears.
Her treachrous mind kept calling her out on all her inadequacies mercilessly.

She wanted to be anyone but Enney at the moment.

Life was already hard enough without the extra bad luck of loosing her 5year old relationship with Jay to Ania, her best friend.

Today was their wedding day and while they celebrated she was locked up inside her room grieving her loss or maybe it was his loss, her mind wasn’t certain which one.

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