Happy Birthday Damian Anastasia – Biochemist, Baker, & Pencil Artist

‘Hey, I am just coming. How can I help?’
‘OK you know what, are they giving out refreshments? I will handle it’

Those were her words as she came into the venue that very night and her midas touch got everything welfare done in a twinkle of an eye.

Over the years we have worked with quite a number of people with great and creative minds from our film production down to our packaged shows like @chimefrancis1 OUT OF HAND annual comedy event.

And this lady, a biochemist, baker, and pencil artist – @stacemeldaa is one lady we at derivingjoy digital reverence so much.

Today she celebrates plus 1 , the past year has been one we won’t forget in a hurry.
The hurdles you have climbed and surpassed.
Those tears you rolled down your eyes thinking all was lost.
Those thoughts of love you think you missed.

But as you add a year today, we want to tell you that those worries, neither will you see nor experience them in your lifetime.

We wish you a happy birthday and are saying More Life To You.

Happy Birthday Anastasia

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