Every year new comedians start off their journeys while some break out and become renowned.

We sat with Comedian HPRINCE, the prince of comedy who is next in line to be KING.

Good day, Our Readers will like to Meet you.

My Name is Ikechukwu Happiness shedrach, but popularly referred to as Hprince.

Where are you from?

I hail from the southern part of Nigeria, Delta State, Agbor to be precised.

So what has your educational background been like?

Normal process now, (Laughs) I had my primary and secondary education in Lagos, then after which I proceeded to The Gateway ICT polytechnic where I studied business administration & MGT, I also have a professional certificate for the CISCO ACADEMY UK where I studied Computer Networking.
Not so many people Know that I have a professional certificate, (laughs).
You can add that.

Many people say Comedians don’t go to school you know.

Yes, that’s their perception, and I think it’s wrong. So many of us are graduates in different fields, but we just chose to follow our passion. If you didn’t ask me, you wouldn’t even know I went to school at all, because its not written on my Forehead. (Laughs).

So how did comedy start for you?

Hmm that question is always hard for me to answer, cos I didn’t start comedy, I was born a Comedian, I’ve always been a fool I Know (laughs) Everywhere I go anything I say tend to amuse people, and most time I’m serious, but people still laugh, I remember far back in 2015, my pastor wife told me that Comedy was my calling, and she’d call me out one day to do it, I thought she was playing not until our church anniversary came up, and this woman introduced as a Comedian, I was scared but I had to come out, I didn’t know what I was saying, but all I knew was that people were just laughing and spraying me money.

So it is safe to say, that was your first stand up comedy Performance?

Majorly yes!

What would you say the experience did for you?

It defined the kind of person God created me to be. I may find other things difficult, but certainly not making people laugh, I do it so effortlessly, except if you choose not to loosen up,( because many people are owing debts, so they can’t laugh, (smiles) but that experience opened a door and I walked into that door and till date I’m not out of that door.

Have you had the experience of telling a failed joke?

Many times, there’s absolutely no comedian who doesn’t have that experience in his CV, (Laughs).

Not all though. Well, how did you overcome the experience? Did it have an effect on you?

I won’t argue that with you cos alot of people can lie. But as for my own experience, I knew something was wrong so I fixed it, and this experience Happened to me in the early days of my career, then I was still trying to find myself and know my strengths. Because there are two things that doesn’t make a joke work. It’s either the joke is bigger than the audience? Or the audience are bigger than the Joke. So before I perform i do what I call Audience surfing to know the kind of audience I’m dealing with, so that way it’s easy to kill the show. (Smiles).

So how has the experience been as a comedian? What challenges have you experienced?

It’s has been a bitter and sweet experience, but I’ve come to understand that everything in life is a process, there’s a level where you beg for shows, and there’s another level where people begin to find you! One level gives birth to another level, I remember the first money i was paid as a comedian was 200 naira, but today the story is quite different, I’ve not gotten to where I want to be yet, but the truth is I’m no longer where I was. So if you want to make it in an industry as comedy, you have to GROW, people will find you when you have Grown or when you are Growing, not because you say you are talented.

So as a comedian, what memorable events have you performed and hosted?

Alot, First was my first comedy special in Lagos, Hprince ‘D’ exceptional, I performed for about 1hour plus, that was 2019 last year, I also perfomed at Laugh out stress with Eteye at the Neca house Lagos, where I got the opportunity to share the same stage with comedy greats like Kenny blaq, Klint da drunk, bash, omobaba etc.
I also perfomed at bowjoint unchained 2017 at the muson centre, I was called on stage by Buchi one of Naija’s finest Comedians, and that meant alot to me.
And also perform at humorality with Asiri, an elite comedy club on the mainland, where I am now a resident comedian, that’s another platform that has catapulted my career. The list is long but I’ll stop here.

What would you say Is next for you as a Nigerian Comedian?

Okay, I’m working towards starting my own weekly comedy club and also create new contents to make my fans Happy, and probably do a show next year.

So what should we expect from your show? Tell us about it.

It’s mostly likely to be a comedy special, I like to express myself, then also feature some few outstanding comics too to open the show, just expect the best, expect stand up comedy in it’s original sense.

So what will you advise comedians coming after you?

Very simple, just be you, be yourself. Stealing jokes will bring your dignity down, so stay original. Don’t do comedy majorly because of money, yes money will come, but it takes time, so concentrate more on Growing.

How can our readers reach you ?

You can reach via social media @hprince_comedian on IG, on Twitter: @Hprincecomedian, on Facebook Happiness ikechukwu.
Thank you, please follow me I’ll follow you back, even if we don’t know where we are going (Laughs)

Thank you for your time.

Thank you too, I’m honoured.

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