FRANK D – I Spent a lot of money to study these people, Psquare & Fally Ipupa

Hello good day, tell us about yourself.

Frank D: Good day, My name is Dilibe Chukwuemeka Franklin (Aka) Frank D
From Enugu state, I’m the first born in my family in a family of four.

How did it all start for you as an entertainer?

Frank D: It all started in 2001-2002
I grew up with my grandma, she always ask me to sing at night after singing a particular gospel song then she will be happy. After that I will dress the mosquito net then we sleep. It became a habit I do every night.

So at a point she noticed I can sing she asked me to join the choir I didn’t cos I was very shy back then

So how has your journey been so far?

Frank D: An experience, I enjoy every bit of it.

What upcoming plans do you wish to tell people who love your art?

Frank D: They should always anticipate good Music from me, same voice, same sweet and Catchy songs I always release, and they should anticipate the two songs I will drop on my birthday

What made you make a decision of dropping two tracks on your birthday

Frank D: Since I started my career as an artiste I normally drop a song on my birthday, even package dropped on my birthday so I didn’t drop a song last year so I have to compensate my fans this year.

Your fans wouldn’t be filled with anxiety by now I guess, so who are those who influenced your style of music?

Frank D: My biggest influence I won’t lie is psquare. Then I will say Fally ipupa and usher

How have they been able to do that?

Frank D: I spent a lot of time and money to study these people
Their music, evolution, background and lifestyle

So how about the excesses being a bit popular brings, the girls, and all. How do you handle it?

Frank D: As I earlier said my role models are very discipline so as I’m too. I love women that’s why I sing and Adore them in my songs but aside that I’m a faithful lover that is very discipline…

Do you think one has to do drugs and weed to be a creative?

Frank D: No, infact I pray before involving myself in anything musically, Performance , studio sessions etc

So how can fans reach you or your management?

Frank D: Lol, I manage myself for now. But they can reach me through my social media handles
Frankd_officiel on Twitter and Instagram
Facebook Frank D Dilibe

Any words for your fans?

Frank D: I love all of them and I will never disappoint them in any way

Okay, thank you for your time, we enjoyed every bit of it.

Frank D: My pleasure


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