FRANK D – Finally

Hello dear,
I write you this letter from a place of love and appreciation.

I am forever grateful for how you have believed in me from the very beginning to this very point.

Over the past few months I have surfed through different multi-layers of human crisis ranging from love to survival.

I have been away from what I love the most, which is giving you beautiful sounds cooked in different studios across terrains in these parts.

Through all these, I have been working harder than ever I must say, and I know you have been expectant of what’s coming next from me.

In the spirit of love, I will be sharing with you an official song release for 2020 titled ‘Finally’.

Finally I come out of a long break – no pun intended.

‘FINALLY’ is a song that is so dear to me and it is about how I have felt in the past few months concerning love and it’s surrounding situations.

I want to plead to you that you keep the support going as you have done in the past few years and endeavour to stream my music when it is out on digital platforms.




Your Favourite,
Frank Dilibe (Frank-D)

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