Fire Outbreaks Will Increase Rapidly In Nigeria In Five Years Time

Which we pray against. We must be careful and also proactive.

Are we ready? Is the country ready for what will plague us in a few years time if we are not careful?

Gas cylinders are closer to us than ever before. We have invited fire outbreaks into our habitat, we have opened our arms to the devil in form of fire. I walked past Tejuosho and saw the number of shops that had opened and were all in the empty gas cylinder business. 

In every street, you did see at least one gas filling depot very close to a residential home.

Everyone is embracing cooking gas at home now and it is a growing business that is viable.
Are we ready for the risk and consequences in the future when every household will have at least two cylinders in their houses and the use of kerosine stoves will go into extinction the way lanterns have gone since rechargeable lamps came into the picture?
I walked past ‘fire service’ here at Ojuelegba, and checked the number of personnel’s there, and they were just two, with two trucks covered with dust – obviously it hasn’t been used since it was brought in.
As we spread gas cylinders everywhere in the country, we should try to spread our fire service everywhere, because the repercussions will come and we must be ready.

Written by @chimefrancis1

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