Fairytale or Nightmare II

Fairytale or Nightmare II
He longed for a fantasy;
Something out of the ordinary.
And the universe answered…
Gave him something, gave him her.

Everything in his world came to a pause…
Little did he know she was his curse.

She was as beautiful as a rose;
With its petals and thorns.

She was as tempting as sin;
With its pleasures and consequences.

She was forbidden as marijuana;
With its ecstasy and addiction.

She was as precious as diamond;
With its beauty and expensiveness.

She was everything.

She glowed in the moonlight…
And with her, everything felt right.
He longed to taste, just a taste.
So he stole a kiss from her.
Lips as sweet as honey…
Tongue as poisonous as ivy..
And he was lost forever.

The witch laughed hysterically…
For she had power over him now.
He had longed for her heart and body…
She had longed for his soul and blood…
And she had that, now that he was in love.
She had him, for eternity.

He got his wish all right…
Something out of the ordinary…
He got a nightmare.


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