Fairytale or Nightmare – Anochili Olivia

Fairytale or Nightmare
She wanted an epic story, preferably a fairytale..
She held his hand and they walked together through the woods.
They both talked and laughed beneath the dark sky.
They stared at each other and hugged under the gloomy clouds.
They both dreamed in the glitter of the stars.
She got carried away by the soft caresses in the dark.
And the sweet, juicy kisses in the moonlight.
Her blood was hot for him…
And as her heart beat faster, she fell in love.
She fell in love before midnight.

He should have been running through the woods.
His curse had power beneath the dark sky.
He comes alive as a supernatural under the gloomy clouds.
He (your worst nightmare) comes through in the glitter of the stars.
His bones break in the dark.
A werewolf howls in the moonlight.
Her blood must flow for him.
Her heart should stop beating before midnight.
If she dies as quickly as she fell in love.

This wouldn’t have happened if she had just stayed in bed and cuddled her duvet.
She wanted an epic story, she got a nightmare..
Cos now, the wolf is hungry for her body…
Literally and sensually.
To take and to consume.

By Liv ( Anochili Oliva)


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