When my mum spoke to me on phone recently, and said “You are organizing something, do you have a team or it is just you?”
That was when i decided to open up to her about my comedy event – OUT OF HAND – happening at the prestigious University Of Nigeria, Nsukka for the first time.

This event will be my fifth event on the roll but my mum and I have never discussed about my events because I never spoke to her about it.
Speaking about this particular event has made me feel a different sensation of calmness, ease, and bliss.

Now, my family knows one of the things i do.
Do your parents know about your hustle?
Infact, how many people know about your hustle?

Everyday on the internet I see people use the phrase “Mind Your Business”, but I must tell you that if your business thrives on not minding your business; don’t mind it.

Everyone needs to know your hustle so you don’t go hungry.
You make music and you don’t promote it properly. You make a film and you don’t promote it properly. You write a book and you leave in your notepad and no one knows about it. You are into a business and no one knows about.

This is one of the reasons I went into Blogging, even as a Standup Comedian and a Royal Arts Academy Certified Filmmaker – in the sense that I Shoot, Direct, and also Write Screenplays.
To be able to help people put out their stuffs, music, videos, businesses, and contents out there with affordable fees.

Through my www.derivingjoydigital.com platform.
You need to get someone to who knows the moving market to do this job for you or with you?
As a creator, you would be so busy with creating while people like us help to show what you have created.

Your business will thrive and be sustained by orchestrated noise.
A well laid out publicity plan will help you and your business.
You need to create conversations, make people know about your business, and build hype before, during, and after.

Make noise about your business.

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