Dear Creative, You Finally Got My Attention – Egwu Nnanna

Dear Creative, You finally got my attention.
Because you can now write similes and metaphors with punchlines & ironies, you think the world should pause.

My generation of Artistes too timid to face reality. Too weak to take responsibility for their choices.

We love every state of mind that gives us creativity.
Cherish the place like alters with our alter egos to flaunt it.

I heard you now have fellowships of “woke” people; I am not impressed, it is filled with mostly artistes that gather to pamper themselves with punchlines and finger snaps.

I don’t have a kitchen so I can’t give you a cutlery. But when you make choices, chop stick to it & stop making the world feel like it owes you an ingredient.

Woke? You think you’re woke? With all the acclaims, awards & fans; you still got no family and friends.
Then you write petitions to sue sides you don’t belong to. So if everybody were that less busy who will write you rejection letters?

Just think about it, most of you artistes are lonely… Lonely Armstrongs who want us to follow them to space without our space suit and mask on.

Tell them Egwu Nnanna said it… If I grab a mic, I will stab your heart with the truth you run away from.

To the artiste, we will feel sad when you leave the class of life, but mourning you is an assignment your selfish self left for us out of choice.
To that cause, I choose to fail the course.

Let’s talk about Mental Illnesses, if it has a cure. You only lack gratitude if you think that your case is worse.

Showing you my wounds might not heal yours, but we must differentiate wound from tumours.

If you claim it is an illness that doesn’t have a cure, then empathy and sympathy from us is wasted when the deed is done.

I am a creative & I don’t glory in Depression. No real estate of pain can take this joy that God has given me.

GOD Gives Your Lives Meaning. I mention him again. (If this means I shouldn’t get a slot in your creative meetings, it wouldn’t make me any lesser)

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