CLOUDS – Written By LIV

I always admire the clouds. They move smoothly, never in a haste.
Whether the white ones, just gliding across the blue sky adding beauty to it.
Or the semi white ones that just move and cover the sun, giving me a relief on a day the sun decides to show it’s rage.
Is it the dark, gloomy ones, waiting for the next provocation to empty their bowels.
The dark ones have always been my favorite.
Most times I prefer they remain heavy.
But of course, they always vomit on us, which isn’t such a bad thing, if you’re under a roof.
I’m not a meteorologist that studies the weather.
And I don’t really remember the names of the clouds, just cumulus, and I don’t know its exact function.
So why am I ranting about clouds, they seem insignificant..
They might seem to not have a purpose, but they do, different as they are..
They shield us from the sun rays, they bring rain, I guess they bring snow for the people at the other side of the world.
They have their purposes.
Just like you have your purpose and your own destination.
Don’t try to compare yourself with the other.
They may be heavy with lots of rain and the next thing, they’re not.
If you join them, you’ll fall when you shouldn’t.
And even if you fall, put yourself together and keep gliding.
Be content with what you have.
Always try to be the best of you.
Remember, glide across your sky.
And remember to be good, to pray, and work; also play.
Yeah, have a good day
May the weather be in your favor..🤗


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