Choose Collaboration Than Competition

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The environment today for young creative to strive is being stifled as days go by.
From unfavourable government policies, to insecurity,and high cost of execution.

it has become so difficult to stabilize what has been created even when you successfully create.

Only a few persons get to pass through the window of success at a period of time.
Some might call it luck, others will call it grace.

Because we all know good content is good content probably that is why these creative get to break out. People will appreciate and accept something which is good anyway though.

Those who have broken out already would always want more so they only want to use you for their own interest or they see were they can benefit largely by linking up with you.

You alone is your own helper. Your helper also needs help too.

As a young growing creative person you must see the need for collaboration than competition at the early stage of your career.

The early stages of your career involves you growing, pruning, and curtailing what doesn’t work for you.
The experiences you get from collaboration will help you decipher all these.

The next creator beside you is not your competition.
Competition has even gone beyond two alike business models these days, now we see disruptions from no relating business models.
It is now a mad house out there in the creative industry.

Learn to collaborate more, learn to work with people in and out of your field, create together, and most importantly make sure the terms and conditions are very much spelt out.

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