Today, the first day of July, 2021

I officially kick started subtle promotion for my next event with the working title ‘CHIMEFRANCISLIVE’

I and my Team, we put out a video to remind our target audience what the journey has been like with the Tag – THE JOURNEY SO FAR

Here is a link to watch the video

THE JOURNEY SO FAR – ChimeFrancisLive

In the video you did see Me on different stages and different outfits.

Telling jokes to different number size of crowds.

And you did feel the energies in the different rooms.

Our Subtle promotion and preparations continues because right now we are in the beta stage of preparations.

CHIMEFRANCISLIVE Is a one man standup comedy special brought to you by CHIMEFRANCIS. 

For Sponsorship and Enquiries: WhatsApp 08079745384 

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