CHIMEFRANCIS: The Nigerian StandUp Comedian

DFI: Good day Sir, Please may we meet you?

I am a standup comedian, online publicist, filmmaker, and i work for DerivingJoyDigital.

DFI: It Is nice meeting you sir, so Sir can you tell us how growing up was like for you?

CHIMEFRANCIS: Growing up was cool. I was alone most part of it. My mum made sure I attended the best of schools and guided me jealously in my academics but I still always wanted to do my thing. It was a transient kind of growing up. It was worth it.

DFI: Laughs…
So you can say you were a kind of introvert?

CHIMEFRANCIS: I was all by myself. I played with myself. I did things alone. I seek happiness all by myself

DFI: wow, that’s exciting to hear,
Did growing up influence your career?

CHIMEFRANCIS: Yes it did. Because I was alone I was always into creative stuffs. I did draw, dance, mimic football commentaries, do my own make shift TV shows, and act often in plays. Use Canter’s to organize football leagues all by myself.

DFI: So you are an artist?
If I give a picture of mine, you can draw it?

CHIMEFRANCIS: To an extent. Might not be really perfect but it will come out well.

DFI: Ok….
What has been your experience in the entertainment world so far?

CHIMEFRANCIS: It has been challenging for me yet a jolly good ride so far.

DFI: ok,
What inspired you to get into the media and entertainment industry?

CHIMEFRANCIS: The love and the joy it brings.
Since it was Inborn, it just felt like something I could go into, harness my talents, and feed off it.

DFI: Ok…
Would you say there is a progress or how would define success in your field of work?

CHIMEFRANCIS: I will define success as; when you set a target and you accomplish, that is success.

DFI: So far so good, you have been successful in your careers?
Any drawbacks?

CHIMEFRANCIS: No, not at all. I fight hard. I always fight.
When they come, I fight, and fight, and keep fighting.

DFI: That’s nice to hear.
You made mention about working for derivingjoydigital,
All your fans and our viewers thought you were the c.e.o of the company, Even I thought so, so can give us more lightly into it?

CHIMEFRANCIS: Derivingjoydigital is a creative platform – it is like a family.
A brand that is into Film, Event, Media and Shopping.
All these parts make up the core idea of DerivingJoyDigital. So I work for it.

DFI: You can collectively say that you are the CEO of the derivingjoydigital?

CHIMEFRANCIS: I never said so.

DFI: oh.
Yes we saw your advert on derivingjoydigital shop, can you share it with us?

CHIMEFRANCIS: It is a platform where you can buy, sell, swap, and share adverts. It is currently run through our website and a personalized Instagram page for it. @shopderivingjoy
We sell event tickets, laptops, phones and fashion and style items at affordable rates.

DFI: ok thats nice.
what has been your sustaing factor?

CHIMEFRANCIS: I have always believed in consistency, learning, unlearning, and relearning. I believe that if I stop doing something it won’t get me to where I want to be anyway so I keep doing it and doing it till it pays off.

DFI: When you were in school, did your career distract you from academics?

CHIMEFRANCIS: Definitely, I just tried to survive the two. My academics suffered it more anyway but I don’t really have regrets chasing a career in Comedy.

DFI: wow, so you are saying those that have God given talents to pursue their dreams, no matter what?

CHIMEFRANCIS: I am only saying they should do what makes them happy and will give them a comfortable future.

DFI: okay, thanks.
What do you can envision in the next five years?

A well known ChimeFrancis/DerivingJoy brand
More events, more contents, and more out reach.

DFI: ok….
For people who are considering going into the entertainment Industry, what are your words of advice to them?


DFI: ok sir,


DFI: How about those that are not students, any advice for them?

CHIMEFRANCIS: They must go to school Atleast, wassce level
If possible, have first degrees.

DFI: That’s nice
Do you wish to have a shout out to or give an appreciation?

CHIMEFRANCIS: I just want to thank YOU TO everyone who have been supporting the CHIMEFRANCIS/DerivingJoy/out of hand brand since we started.

Ok sir,
Is nice having you ChimeFrancis
Thank you for your time.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Thanks for having me boss

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