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Are u visiting a new city, taking a vacation, going on a business trip? Are you wondering how to find a good hotel to stay in? Worry no more because fish and tips got you! Fish and tips is a wonderful new website that gives you lots of helpful information on cool and comfy hotels around the major cities in the world including actual pictures taken around these hotels and explicit reviews.

The site functionality is great as you can search for any hotel of your choice with their search bar. You can also browse the various articles as you scroll down.
For those specifically visiting the beautiful country of Japan, you are in for a treat as the fish and tips website has more than three hundred real hotel lodging experience articles including luxury Japanese hotels. So whether its Tokyo or Okinawa, they have got you covered! The website also has reviews for hotels in other cities such as Hong Kong (China), Taipei (Taiwan), Los Angeles (U.S.A) and many more.

The explicit reviews found on the site are incredibly detailed and specific with pictures describing various sections of the hotels, room types, number of people allowed per room and even specifying the driving distance from the nearest airport. The wonderful about these reviews is that they are eyewitness experiences of people who have stayed in these hotels and not your regular professional articles that usually describe hotels from afar without a first person experience. In addition, the last update date of these reviews are right there, so you are sure it’s not some old stuff.
As with all good websites, the amount on reviews on fish and tips will keep on improving and increasing, so check them out continuously.

Visit at for your accurate and legit hotel reviews anytime, any day. Safe travels people! Keep on deriving joy!


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