CEO POP MEDIA GROUP – CHINEDU NMEGWAH Speaks on Upcoming Projects For The Year

DEJTV: Good day, may we meet you?

Chinez: My name is Nmegwah Chinedu, a graduate of Mass communications from the prestigious University of Nigeria. I hail from Imo state.

DEJTV: Nice to have you on our segment today. As the CEO of a content creation startup like POP Media Group, how has it been?

Chinez: Well…well…(laughs), to be frank with you, it hasn’t and is still not easy. I am happy that people now can associate with the brand as well as its objectives. Historically, the pop media group is an evolutionary brand. Initially when I commenced in 2016, I was planning more like an Instagram page where we just update info on events and happening around school and in town then, which was basically the Nsukka axis. But by God’s grace, we are where we are now. We have now evolved into a conglomerate. Pop media group consisting of Poptvofficial, PopmediaAfrica and well as a new brand to look into other spheres of the industry, the name will be revealed soon but then, it has been a heck of a journey. Starting up more than two years back, the development of the brand, trying to play the major guns in the industry already…all na God is all I can say.

DEJTV: When the year begins, many people expect alot from a brand – and yours is not any different. What are those things that have been set up to quench this thirst of your followers?

Chinez: Yes, we know that as a growing brand, there is need to Carry along as well as raise the bar when it comes to content production and brand growth. Pop media group this year has a lot slated down for 2019.
Early this year, we embarked on the establishment of our filmmaking enterprise with the support and assistance of Deriving joy Ent. who have been in the film making industry for a long time now. A result of that move was the shooting of a School-Com series with the objectives to highlight how students fend on campus and relating the story in a humorous and entertaining manner. The name of the series is HausMatez, and we have embarked on the maiden season to have 5 episodes to its belt. Two episodes have been released already and we have been having massive viewership and reviews from reputable platforms like The Mane magazine, Filmstorian and Also, for our viewers, we will be organzing the first ever Photography reality show where photographers of different genres come together to achieve creative shots under immense situations and circumstances. I see you blinking twice (laughs) expect an entertaining and thrilling experience with that. The name is PhotoBox and its idea came from the movie bird box…u get now!! Just wait for it…it will wow you especially the photographers, they did marvellously well.

We also early this year launched our photography sub-brand PopMedia Africa to take on the global stage of imagery at its best

Also, mapped out for this year, like I said earlier is to expand our tentacles. We would be going into podcasts and live streams this year. We are currently undergoing the proper intellectual certification and will test run imagery by the beginning of June this year. We hope that all things been equal, we would be …OK let me leave this for now…let’s surprise you!!!

Aside these major steps to be taken, we as a media group will definitely do what we do best in terms of photography and videography where events, weddings and what have you are covered week in week out.

So you can see a lot is at hand and already in place. More ideas will still flow through as some have passed the planning stage of our scale already.

DEJTV: That is a lot for one man to carry, or is there a team of creative making all these happen?

Chinez: A very passionate team. To burst your head, in our organization, just two persons are graduates, the rest and fine intelligent young men and women who are undergraduates and making things happen. Trust me, if not anything, God blessed me with the best work mates. I can go on and on talking about them. I really appreciate their efforts and I believe the Pop media group of our dreams will be achieved in no distant time.
I love you all if you are reading this.

Aside the team, I believe k. Networks. I work with a network of like minds, not necessarily members of staff but people I can hold on to to get the job done. That is why if Pop media group is contacted to run your event, just know you have contacted a full squad. We have everything with the persons we have, that’s what I can say.

DEJTV: Network is key! Our readers will love to know the major strides POP MEDIA GROUP have hit in the past.

Chinez: Let me use pidgin….omo…e many…let’s see within two years, we have organized the first ever events related awards ceremony known as the Pop Culture Awards which held in 2018 giving out 15 awards to various categories as well as 4 honorary awards. We had a huge attendance with guest appearances from reputable events game changers across the south East, the first ever Photography reality show, Photobox, you know we deal in been the first, covered over 58 concerts, shoot over 200 videos, we got our first 10k views on YouTube via the interview we have with Adesua Etomi, we have won three awards and nominated for four categories, we launched our site which is currently undergoing maintenance to catch up with the future plans on its use. God has been faithful, I can’t even remember all, but along the line if I can, I will speak!

DEJTV: We have said so much about the past, let’s talk about the future.

Chinez: Alright. The future holds a lot at hand I can assure you. I believe in evolution, don’t be surprised the Pop media group of today may now be a world renowned AutoMobile company. You never can tell as the aim is to serve the ever emerging and bustling clientele and customer space. But very eminent for the future is the establishment of Poptv as a terrestrial licence channel to run on mainstream and cable TV.

DEJTV: The dream is what matters. How can our readers get to reach everything POP MEDIA GROUP?

Chinez: Well we have our contact links across the platforms

You can reach us and view contents via @poptvofficial on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

You can also send in an email via or personally via

You can reach us through 08139628833 to speak to one of our representatives for further enquires and services.
Our temporary office is located at plot 002, church street, VGC gardens , Airport road Abuja.

DEJTV: Any last words or shout outs?

Chinez: Well last words, the only reason I am where I am today is because of God..I can’t acknowledge any one else greater than him. He is the real deal and you need him

Special shutouts to all our supporters, followers, viewers, family members and just anyone who has been a part of our story…we love you all

DEJTV: It was nice having you on today’s interview segment

Chinez: Thanks a lot deriving Joy. its a huge pleasure

DEJTV: We hope to have you some other time

Chinez: I hope soon


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