Unveiling of BLACK MEDIA BRANDS (BN 3031116)
Press Release

Before the establishment and registration of this parental firm known as BLACK MEDIA BRANDS today, Black Pride Magazine has been in existence and it started as an idea brought out of the need to break unnecessary boundaries that might have been an hindrance to the celebration and promotion of African cultures, talents, achievements and heritages.

It was not all rosy or easy for me since the establishment of the well known BLACK PRIDE Magazine that you all know today, till this present moment of its conglomeration to a parental brand – BLACK MEDIA BRANDS.

I’ve faced thousands of challenges; ranging from finances to run the brand to getting a befitting structure for the brand and lastly, getting capable team members that would see the need to make the brand their own personal dream that should be made a reality.

I’ve had sleepless nights, worried days on how this dream would not just be one of those normal dreams that never saw the light of coming to fulfilment.

I’ve starved myself countless times just to feed this brand and not to make the dream die.

Yeah! I knew right from the day the dream was birthed that it would never gonna be easy but I did not realise it would be this rigorous.

I’ve worked with different sets of people towards the actualisation of this brand but I must say that this last team members I got while in University of Nigeria, Nsukka, did their best. Like the saying that “everything doesn’t last,” they tried their best but locations broke the bond we had together, since we’re students from different geographical locations at that time. Everly, I appreciate each and everyone of you guys for the timeless supports in building up the brand with me back then. It wasn’t easy but we layed a foundation. Your names are forever gonna be in the history book of BPM.

This is where we are now as a brand that appreciates the tremendous works of African talents, achievements and cultures. We are not where we want to be but I can boldly tell you that we’re not were we used to be.

Through our little initiative as a brand, we’re able to organise annually Photo Contest, in which the winners were awarded and given little token from us. In fact, the winners are now brand ambassadors of BLACK PRIDE Magazine. We’re not gonna stop doing it. This is the time for us to strategise well in order to be better. I’m happy to disclose that the photo contest would be organised under the parental house now – Black Media Brands. Not only that, a yearly award ceremony would be organised by this same brand starting from ending of this very year.

BLACK MEDIA BRANDS (BMB) is now the parental house of BLACK PRIDE Magazine, BLACK PRIDE Initiatives, BLACK PRIDE Entertainment and 6isticPR. They are all established for the sole purpose of celebrating and promoting blacks’ talents, achievements and cultures.

BMB (RC Number: 3031116) is a media consultancy firm established to find lasting solutions to media services, public relations services, publicity services, entertainment services, publishing services and event planning and management services.

You can get everything about us on or instagram: @blackmediabrands_official or and Twitter: @blackmediabrand or Whatsapp: 2348141265796

Support the brand by telling someone about us. Let’s build this dream together.

Also, we are looking out for people that wants to work with us as team member – a voluntary team members that would see the bright future of the brand and ready to embrace it.

Just visit the website to know where you wish to volunteer from all the brands under BMB and then send a mail to indicating why you wish to be part of the team in that capacity.
This is our story and it is your story!


Adigun Temitope Idealism


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