BETWEEN DREAMS – Written By Niel Quchi


Will you regret the choices you select today?

Every day, we each get opportunities to make headway but sometimes we are satisfied with the level we’re at, sometimes we just are complacent and not hungry enough, sometimes we’re tied down by responsibilities we may or may not have willingly chosen, sometimes we’re afraid of the uncertainty of change.

Most of my blood-related family members don’t know “The Niel QuChi,” my artiste persona. They don’t care about my dreams or ambitions, so when they see me, and for some reason (like their doubting my financial satisfaction), they feel obligated to advice me; they talk to me like some nameless youth, giving me stereotypical anecdotes.

I have seen beyond the hype of “seeking greener pastures” in another city. I like to believe I’m a prototype and so I do my research about the goals I have and see the best ways to earn, transact and thrive wherever I am. All I ever need is time, not necessarily a relocation like most people think they do. I put my trust in God, not environment or state, then I put my hands to work knowing some people’s efforts are only celebrated when they have become late. I live each day taking steps that will save me from regret in the future.

In my experience, success is hardly predetermined where you are but who you are in relation to your goals. Some motivational speakers will tell you to change the people around you in order to improve your life. While not disputing the validity of this idea, it is equally important for the quality of one’s own person to be examined.

The aim can be defeated, sometimes by the archer himself. It is possible for education and exposure to cause one to re-evaluate their goals having obtained a different perspective on life. That is different from going with the flow and becoming someone you eventually regret.

The validity or authenticity of a dream or goal is not going to help it be actualised. It is will power and purposeful action towards a goal that can create success. As children, gravity asks us all to lie down, but we stand up after a few weeks of practicing to conquer it.

Gravity is personified by the challenges we all face. Some people find themselves in the fortunate position where their dreams are supported or unopposed.

Some people take on oversized responsibilities like allowing themselves to become parents at an unplanned age, spending their resources raising their siblings. Such people’s dreams can be smothered by mounting responsibilities, such that some sacrifice themselves in order to “do the right thing” or “survive”. This in itself is not wrong or harmful. The issue is, will you regret it?

Will you regret the choices you select today?

“Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire.”
— Dale Carnegie

While Mr. Carnegie’s words and intentions are admirable, people’s admiration will not save anyone from the consequential emotions of our actions. It is up to each and everyone of us to choose from the moment called “now” where we are going next.

I still vex for people who bring children into this world to be a burden to others; but I respect their cowardice in running away because they cannot kill themselves (they recognise their own limits), or those who don’t answer their siblings’ cry for help. Those who have become orphans have it bad, but when I see some of them being productive and strong, I grow irritated by the sight of the contrary others.

“Ancestral curses are free,
but there are other reactions apart from fear”
— Daniel Chibuikem Achi-kanu

Fear is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes it’s a very helpful thing that keeps us from harm.

But many times it’s an inner voice and barrier that keeps us stuck.

That keeps us from getting what we want and becoming who we honestly deep down want to be. Learning to handle fear and overcome it – even if that’s sometimes just for 10 or 30 seconds so you can take an important action – ­is critical to living your life fully.

Some of us are scared of starving, scared of what people will say, scared of failing, scared of being rejected; and we let this fear weigh in on our judgements, even often magnifying the fear inappropriately.

Every day we each get opportunities to make headway and it’s not a bad thing to be afraid. But it is in the presence of fear that bravery and courage are defined.

“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.”’
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

The following poem might enunciate my points. Beyond enjoying it, I hope it reminds you of who you will be most happy being, rather than what circumstances have made you.

Niel QuChi

No one wants to be stabbed but they love Samurais.
No one wants to be hungry, but they pack all the rice.

Tell me how you failed, how your area’s been limiting you;
tell me what you did and how the game has been playing you. Laziness or incompetence, folly or just bad luck.

How long will you sleep in the name of planning?
How long will you fail in the name of trying?
How long will you fall in the name of mining?
How long will you not unleash yourself and run your town?

Elephant babies take longer than the lion’s own
But tell what is for dinner that the pride has not been swallowed
Maybe one day your greatness will leave the carton;
but right now, but right now don’t be an abortion.

Curses don’t cause it, the reason is your courses of action
Causes are forces, the consequences suffer attraction
So listen to sense or die being a series of misses
I pity your Mrs.
She lacked aim, therefore her misses.

Ancestral curses are free,
but you don’t have to buy the idea
Ancestral curses are free,
but there are other reactions apart from fear

Back to back to back we all get our chances
No one is attacking when you mount defences
They don’t have to be big, make small advances
The fact is, no one slept and woke up with their asses on fences.


Will you?


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