When we begin to take our craft seriously, we must shred some old skin like the snake. This is because new eras require new unique and tailored methods.

I am a self taught comedian. I always wanted to be that comedian who wrote his own jokes. Which was why My evolution from a stage comic actor into a full stand up comedian came a bit later in 2013.

The igniting factor was watching a lady do proper standup comedy on stage (MC OLIVIA).

After I watched her performance that night I told myself that if she could do this thing – crack her own jokes and made people laugh, then definitely it is something I could do.

Thanks to the six months ASUU strike in late 2013, I was home learning what made a joke tick and writing my own jokes that are still relevant eight years after.

I had a guideline for most part of those years.

Nothing beats an intentional comedian. A comedian who has answers to WHY, WHEN, and WHERE He or she is going to take on his or her next project.

You must know why you doing something.

You must know why you follow a certain cliche of comedians

You must know why you want to do an event and what you hope to achieve 

You must know why you want that established comedian to mentor you while on your journey 

You must keep asking the right questions as a comedian.

With intentions you make those decisions that can take you a step closer or bring you further away from your top goals.

I can tell you want I wish to do next after the next.

Most times they don’t suffice but at least there was a blueprint I hoped to follow.

You must grow up from just been at every Tom,dick, and Harry event.

You must grow beyond just attending shows and performing.

You must grow beyond an Auto-piloting career.

Be guided.

Write a plan.

Have a blueprint.

Answer the WHY, WHERE, and WHEN before you make that acceptance. 

Take Control.

Steady your ship.

Be in control of your career.

Hope you have gotten your ticket to my COMEDY PARTY?


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