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Anger used to blur my vision once upon a time, now I calm down on the villainous; they’ll call it a crime. No one wants to be stabbed but they love Samurais. No one wants to be hungry, but they pack all the rice.

Tell me how you failed, how your area’s been limiting you; tell what you did and how the game has been playing you. Laziness or incompetence, folly or just bad luck.

Back then, you would fall from all the thrones we sat you, shocking those who trusted like you be Pikachu. But now they’re all up and gone like revolvers; featherless and toothless, stand there like art by Rochas.

How long will you sleep in the name of planning?
How long will you fail in the name of trying?
How long will you fall in the name of mining?
And your lessers Runtown while you’re in the kitchen

Elephant babies take longer than the lion’s
But tell what is for dinner that the pride has not been swallowed
Maybe one day your greatness will leave the carton
But right now, what I see is an abortion.

Who said that the city is limiting?
I touched 200 while day ones were dating
And if I die today they’ll say the QuChi did write us
See my seas online, see my season like a Niel course

Curses don’t cause it, the reason is your courses of action
Causes are forces, the consequences suffer attraction
So listen to sense or die being a series of misses
I pity your Mrs.
She lacked aim, therefore her misses.

Back to back to back we all get our chances
No one is attacking when you mount defences
They don’t have to be big, make small advances
The fact is, no one slept and woke up with their ass on fences.


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