I love arts and music, I mean what’s a Saturday morning without some cool jams ?

(Gloria, 2020)

ChimeFrancis: Hello, our readers are very eager to know you. Tell us about yourself.

Gloria: My Name is Gloria Ugwuoke but you can me Gloxxi.
My love for media and humanity is why some colleagues call me the media girl. I’m a media Presenter, content Creator, Social Media Manager and Advertising and Public Relations Specialist.
Personally I believe that I can achieve anything I want and this has kept me going even in a challenging Career like Journalism. I love arts and music, I mean what’s a Saturday morning without some cool jams ?
In the last child of a family of Five and yes, I’m proudly the baby of the house ( until you call me baby and get no response. Lol) .
I’m a natural team player and I love to make friends.

ChimeFrancis: How did you fall in love with MEDIA?

Gloria: I love teaching a lot and learning too. So,in my second year in the university, I got the opportunity to get featured on a radio programme at lion FM. I Realized how distance is not a barrier at all, till date I enjoy knowing more about life and living to the fullest through media.
The media offers great opportunity to grow and influence people and brands too.

ChimeFrancis: What has been your drive since you found love with Media?

Gloria: Lives depend on my showing up.
Brands depend on my strategy.
Youths depend on my lifestyle tips to level up and these makes me work harder daily.

ChimeFrancis: Can you share with us what your first experience with Media was like?

Gloria: It was overwhelming. That morning was cold and by 8am I was already in the studio for a programme by 9am. I felt like I needed more time to prepare but i realised that once you know what to say, how to say it won’t be difficult.

ChimeFrancis: So from that experience what then did you learn? What was it for you going forward?

Gloria: To say whatever I want to say that people will benefit from irrespective of the butterflies in my tummy. All that stopped after a while so I learnt to keep going, no matter what. Getting the job done is a priority.

ChimeFrancis: What was it for you going forward? What steps did you take?

Gloria: I got ready with all the research I need the night before and believed in myself more.

ChimeFrancis: Going forward after your experience.

Gloria: I secured a radio job as a co host on Corpers voice as at 2017.

ChimeFrancis: Good, then…

Gloria: I continued till my final year in school when I took on to Branding and PR.

ChimeFrancis: What part of MEDIA do you feel attached the most to?

Gloria: Public Relations. Even though presenting is my first love, I’m more attached to developing brands and business via pr.

ChimeFrancis: Do you run a brand?

Gloria: Personally? No I don’t. But I work with the Boundless Youth, (a coaching academy) and m bazz network. As a media Strategist.

ChimeFrancis: How would you rate MEDIA IN AFRICA? Is It Viable? Is It where it is meant to be?

Gloria: Media in Africa is evolving. Highly sentimental especially the government owned/ regulated ones. The players need to put in more work in telling the good news as much as they do the bad, but generally I must commend every media practitioner out there. Because even though we are seen as threats to the government, we keep pushing.
It is viable. With lots of opportunities too
It is getting to where it is meant to be.

ChimeFrancis: What does the future hold for you in MEDIA AND PR.

Gloria: I will keep working with higher brands till I learn enough to run my own media agency someday. I hope to partner with a lot of NGOs to spread love to local communities as well.

ChimeFrancis: What is your advice for those who want to delve into your field.

Gloria: To be a media Personality you must love research, reading is a must. The person must have Emotional intelligence to help deal with being in the public eye.
Also the person must learn to collaborate with others in the field just as I’m doing right and by granting deriving joy digital this interview.

ChimeFrancis: Great. How can our readers reach you?

Gloria: I reply quickly to emails and open to hearing from them as well.

They can send messages to
or on any of my social media Platforms. The username is @gloriaaugwuoke across all of them.

ChimeFrancis: Thank you for spending your time with us.

Gloria: Thanks for the opportunity


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