An Interview With The CEO, FIVA NATION MULTIMEDIA, Popularly Known as CALEB SMILE

Good day, can you tell us about yourself?

Caleb Smile: Good day to you. My name is Ugwuonah Caleb Uzodimma, better known by the name, Caleb Smile. I was born and brought up in the interiors of Enugu. I’m a student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I’m a Thespian, which is another way way of saying I am a trained actor (I’m a finalist, Department of Theatre and Film Studies) Professionally, I’m a media entrepreneur and Filmmaker.

Can you tell us how you came to decide your career path?

Caleb Smile: I got the call to the media quite early in life. I feel for the art form called drama from primary school. I was always the storytelling type… writing stories, expressing myself through pencil-drawn comics and all. I wrote my first film script (as unprofessional as it is) at age seven. I always observed entertainers who’s ways I cherished and having a relative (my elder brother) already in the industry was a titillating experience. Fast-forward to later years, I found the definite career path to be filmmaking and media entrepreneurship. And here we are now

How has your journey been in filmmaking?

Caleb Smile: Tough. Very tough I must say. The industry is quite competitive. We came in the time when everyone who has a camera see themselves as filmmakers. So, you have to have a unique voice to stand out. That has been my mission. To stand out. I have worked on several projects and learned a lot of lessons from people I admire, and I have equally embarked on several projects too…in the journey of self discovery through the art form called film. I also have pending projects… which are bulled to redefine some phenomenon…and send a message.

What has been your favourite achievement so far?

Caleb Smile: I wouldn’t say I have made a lot of achievements yet. But my favourite of those so far is having established Fiva Nation Multimedia, my company. It has a team of multimedia experts and we are recently venturing into event management and packaging. We are currently involved in quite some impressionable projects, including short films that have had open arms in local and international film festivals.

What inspired you into establishing a media home?

Caleb Smile: Well, the main reason why I established a media home is that I wanted to have my own voice…to be able to express myself and tell my own story the way I feel it, without fear or favor. Secondly, I have always wanted to be in the company of friendly experts…call it an affinity for team work. I believe so much in this phenomenon: you work better in the company of inspiring people with the same vision. FNM has given me those, and more. In the near future, we hope to have created a formidable web of media enthusiasts that find joy in creative problem solving…that is the motive for the big picture.

How open is FNM with collaborations? How can people reach out!

Caleb Smile: We at FNM love business. As conscious as we are towards teamwork, we do not build walls to keep independent or non-affiliated entities out. So far the deal is a mutually beneficial one and equally feasible, we are definitely in. And as for the method of reach-out, we have active contacts both on and off social media. Physical accosting is equally in line.

Our readers will love to know these channels.

Caleb Smile: Instagram: @fivanaijatv
Facebook: Fiva Naija
Twitter: Fiva9jatv
Phone: +2349050908937

What are the challenges for creative like you and how do you overcome them?

Caleb Smile: Owo Ni Koko!
Sometimes, there are just too many lofty ideas and I end up not achieving that many because there isn’t the means to get there. For the best effect, you need more than the ideas. You need the state-of-the-art equipment, experienced players to match the industrial standard. These call for the hard currency. Another issue is that people-generated underestimation. The best motivation for oneself is oneself, but sometimes, what people believe about you make you go further. As a young filmmaker, people do really doubt my abilities sometimes…and fortunately, people not believing God n me actually makes me not to contemplate giving up. The third challenge is the need for exposure. The industry is a moving train, and only the well-exposed qualify to move with it.

Okay any last words for those supporting your work?

Caleb Smile: We love you. And always will. We might not be where we want to be, but we are not where we used to be. There are so many exciting projects coming up, and we do need all the support we can get. The target is to not leave the world the way we found it. The industry must feel our impact…and it begins here. God bless everyone.

Thank you for spending time with us, we appreciate you.

Caleb Smile: I appreciate you more. God bless your good work!

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