An Interview With The CEO, AGRODEMY

ChimeFrancis: Good day, Our readers would love to know you

Lucee Oma: My name is lucy chioma Aniagolu.
I am from Enugu state,Ezeagu local government. I am the first child of MR Kevin and Mrs chekwube Aniagolu.
I graduated from the university of Nigeria Nsukka In the year 2018.
I studied zoology and environmental biology.

ChimeFrancis: How would you say your stay in the university set up the motion for the platform we about to discuss today – AGRODEMY

Lucee Oma: Well,my University days were really helpful.
Studying zoology and environmental biology gave me an insight about agriculture and then staying at the university of Nigeria helped me understand the level of unemployment which prompted the set up for NUELCY farms ,the now Agrodemy.

ChimeFrancis: Okay so from inception, what was the core idea for NUELCY FARMS ,Now known as Agrodemy?

Lucee Oma: NUELCY farms started out as a snail and mushroom farm business, but overtime I discovered we had a lot of problems beyond just producing mushrooms and snail😅.
I also discovered people were not so informed about agric business. Then I pivoted an online farm school now called Agrodemy.

ChimeFrancis: What could be the reason why people aren’t informed about agric business and how does Agrodemy plan to fill up the gap?

Lucee Oma: People aren’t informed because no one preaches to the customers.
like I said, I Just had to preach for the world to see the good of Christianity; so is agric business.
We need preachers and evangelist for agric business and that is what Agrodemy is coming to do.
We are coming to preach agric business, teach agric business, advertise for agropreneurs,consult for them and above all revolutionize the agricultural sector through knowledge and information digitization.

ChimeFrancis: Great, our readers will be excited by now.
Agrodemy as a structure, what is it like? Accessible or not?

Lucee Oma: Well we not accessible yet but would be by October,we understand our market and the need to curb unemployment hence we are taking our time to build an amazing product, but we can reached on social media platforms and company blog.

ChimeFrancis: Okay can these platform be listed out for our readers so they can reach Agrodemy.

Lucee Oma: On Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn and Instagram our page is Agrodemy.
our blog is

ChimeFrancis: Okay so any words for our readers who would like to delve into agriculture and its business?

Lucee Oma: Yes,the world of agriculture is very fruitful and untapped,I would advice all to venture and seek out to grow.
Agriculture is an oil that would never dry up.

ChimeFrancis: Thank you very much for your time, it has been a privilege having you.

Lucee Oma: Thanks. Its a pleasure.

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