CHIMEFRANCIS: Good day, our readers will love to know you.

Dr. Ella: My name is Ononye Odinaka Emmanuella.
I am a graduate of Psychology from the University of Nigeria Nsukka.
I graduated in 2018
I am an award winning writer and I am tilting towards script writing right now.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Today’s sit out with you is basically about your skill as a writer.

Many of our readers would love to know.
How did you know you could write? How did it start for you?

Dr. Ella: I started writing at the age of 12.
I always loved reading as a kid and I loved English language.
After a lot of reading, one day our English teacher gave us an assignment on an essay writing.
After I finished it, I asked myself why don’t I turn this into a book.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Did you turn it into a book?

Dr. Ella: Yes I did.
My first book that won me my award.
ANA/NECO PRIZE for teen authors.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How have you been able to hone your skill as a writer?

Dr. Ella: I have gotten pretty good. I had two mentors to help me.

CHIMEFRANCIS: What did your mentors tell you to do?

Dr. Ella: How to construct my words, properly make use of my imagination and bring out what I want my readers to envision.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Which written work of yours would you say you are very much proud of?

Dr. Ella: Well, apart from my published book.

BEHIND THE DUST and my children’s story that made it into Splendid Literature and Culture Foundation anthology tagged “Family Echoes”, I have written some short stories on my blog and Facebook page.

I also have a lot of uncompleted works.

I won’t say I have a favorite.

Not to brag but I am really a good writer and I love all my works.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Where can our readers find these numerous works of yours?

Dr. Ella: Most are on my blog.

The published works can be found with Splendid literature and Culture Foundation in Lagos.

And Behind the Dust directly from the author, me.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Many writers have issues with writer block. Do you also experience that? If yes, how do you manage it.

Dr. Ella: Yes
I usually stop writing, do something I love, watch one of my favorite movies and I’m right back in it.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Do you earn from your writing skill? If yes, how?

Dr. Ella: No, I don’t

CHIMEFRANCIS: Do you think writers are well recognized and paid well too?

Dr. Ella: No, they are not.

CHIMEFRANCIS: What do you suggest can be done?

Dr. Ella: Honestly, I think we need to have more traditional publishers. People who are willing to help young writers get published and then share the profits with the writer.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How can our readers reach you to learn more?

Dr. Ella: My IG handle @ononye_nuella
Or my mail

But I’d prefer IG

CHIMEFRANCIS: What advise will you give to growing writers out there?

Dr. Ella: Keep writing.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Thank you for the privilege to host you on our web page.

Dr. Ella: Anytime


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