An Interview With Prolific Writer; Anochili Catherine

CHIMEFRANCIS: Good day, Our readers are hungry to know. Who is Anochili Catherine?

Olivia: I am a graduate of Biochemistry, from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. I hail from Enugu state and I live in Lagos.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So what are the things you will like us to know you do aside your career path?

Olivia: I write, I read a lot, especially about history, mythology and geography. I’m a lover of nature which made me develop a love for photography as I take nature shots.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Today’s sit out with you is basically about your skill as a writer. Many of our readers have seen your work and are always amazed at your prowess. How did you know you could write? How did it start for you?

Olivia: Well, I used to write when I was in primary school. Then secondary school, I had always loved telling stories. I create images and characters in my head a lot. So I decided to write it down. I stopped at some point in secondary school but resumed writing again in my second year after a friend encouraged me to continue. It’s been good since then.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Have have you been able to hone your skill as a writer?

Olivia: Okay. I try to refine it by reading a lot and also improving my vocabulary by seeing movies and also using the dictionary.
I take up writing contests and gigs to also improve myself.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Which works of yours would you say you are always proud of?

Olivia: Guilty or not
Hit and run
Dear heart
Dear mind
Fairytale or Nightmare

CHIMEFRANCIS: Where can our readers find these numerous works of yours?

Olivia: They can find some of them on my blog or at

CHIMEFRANCIS: Many writers have a problem with writer block. How do you overcome yours?

Olivia: I do have writer’s block. I had one this December. I really wanted to write about my feelings and my experiences but it just didn’t come. I let it slide most times, forcing it doesn’t work. By God’s grace I overcome it.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Do you earn from your writing skill? If yes? How?

Olivia: I’ve earned just thrice.
I wrote for a site as a content developer and I wrote an article for someone, twice.
Apart from them, none
Though I’m applying for freelance writing.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Do you think writers are recognized and paid well enough?

Olivia: Nope.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So what do you feel can be done to change the culture?

Olivia: Lol, we’re in Nigeria
I don’t know what can be done to be honest.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How can our readers reach you to learn more?

Olivia: Ohh. My mail is open
I would reply your messages from there.

CHIMEFRANCIS: What advise will you give to growing writers out there on writing?

Olivia: Just keep being you.
Write for yourself, don’t make money be the reason you write or it won’t flow.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Thanks for the privilege to host you on our page.

Olivia: Thank you.


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