An Interview With Popular Blogger and Content Creator, the passionate Victoria Nelson

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DERIVINGJOY: Good day, our readers are excited to meet with you?

Victoria Nelson: I’m excited too
Good day.

DERIVINGJOY: So who would you say you are?

Victoria Nelson: I’m Victoria. A blogger, content creator and a passionate person. Lol

DERIVINGJOY: Hmm we love the part of being a passionate person. So since you called yourself a blogger first, how did you delve into blogging?

Victoria Nelson: Long story. You want to hear?

DERIVINGJOY: Sure, our readers will love to.

Victoria Nelson: I used to read a whole lot of stuff while I was younger. I would read literally anything and I loved to recreate what I saw. I loved how people were able to take me to places or make me feel a certain way due to what they were writing. Soon enough, I found myself writing. I was so hardworking then ehn. Lol. At some point, I’d finish books and beg my class teacher in pry5 to allow my classmates act the play I wrote or something. I finally started blogging in 2016 after my secondary School teacher told me I send her too many written works. Lol

DERIVINGJOY: So your school teacher played a huge part in that decision, so how has the journey been so far?

Victoria Nelson: Yea. She did. It’s been funny now that I think of it.

DERIVINGJOY: So how has the journey of being a blogger been so far?

Victoria Nelson: Scary. Sometimes I feel like I’m not getting it right. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing something good. Sometimes, I just want to stop altogether. So, yea, it’s been scary but, hey, I’m enjoying the challenge.

DERIVINGJOY: Not a rosy journey I must say, so what is your blogging niche?

Victoria Nelson: I do human interest stories and relationship talks.

DERIVINGJOY: Are you in a relationship – pun intended?

Victoria Nelson: I’m in a relationplane.

DERIVINGJOY: So let’s talk about you and content creation? What is content creation to you?

Victoria Nelson: It’s another aspect of creative writing for me. You bring people to your brand by just caressing them with your words. It’s actually beautiful how people want to relate with a brand because of what you write.

DERIVINGJOY: Magical I guess. Would you say the content creating industry is lucrative enough and open for newbies?

Victoria Nelson: It is. Opportunities aren’t just as much as other job opportunities so it’s kind of hard for people who are just starting but, it’s lucrative. It’s what every brand needs now.

DERIVINGJOY: What would you advice young people who want to follow the path of blogging and content creating?

Victoria Nelson: But, I’m young na. I need advice sef. Fine. I’m just going to be an adult and say that if you think you want to blog or be a content creator, I hope you don’t go into it for the money. You’ll get frustrated and you’ll not last. Passion and love for what you want to do will keep you and sustain you.

DERIVINGJOY: Passion. Passion. Passion. What are the things you are passionate about?

Victoria Nelson: I’m very passionate about myself. Writing. Less privileged people. My family. My relationships.

DERIVINGJOY: Very nice I must say. Our readers will like to know more about you, ranging from where you study(studied) down to where you hail from and all?

Victoria Nelson: I study mass communication at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State. I’m from Abia State. First in a family of 6. What else? Lol

DERIVINGJOY: Okay so what is the link to your blog?

Victoria Nelson: click here INSTAGRAM

DERIVINGJOY: Which ways can people reach you?

Victoria Nelson: My mail box is very open and you can just chat me up on IG or Whatsapp.
IG: @thevictorianelson
WhatsApp: 08092529103

DERIVINGJOY: So any words for our readers?

Victoria Nelson: Life is your own. All you have to do is understand it and own it.

DERIVINGJOY: We hope to meet with you sometime and share more.

Victoria Nelson: Me too.

DERIVINGJOY: Thank you for spending your time with us, it is indeed a privilege.

Victoria Nelson: Thank you too. I’m honored.

DERIVINGJOY: Have a nice day.

Victoria Nelson: U too.

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