ChimeFrancis: Hello, tell us about yourself?

EMYUNG AG: Hello, ya my name is Emmanuel popularly known as Emyung Ag.
I am a singer, songwriter, and a rap artiste.

ChimeFrancis: How did it all start for you as an entertainer?

EMYUNG AG: It was never an easy one but with God On our side nothing is impossible.
I started from when I was a kid.
Right from my primary school days till date.

ChimeFrancis: How did you know you wanted to do music?

EMYUNG AG: (lol) At this point I think I can telll you it was written all over me from my childhood days. Because it what I found myself doing even while I was doing other things. I believe it is what I was made to do in life.

ChimeFrancis: How has the journey been so far?

EMYUNG AG: Well we thank God it has been going beautifully as expected.
We all know nothing good comes easy.
I remembered when I will drop a song and no one will stream but thank God for today. Things are different now.

ChimeFrancis: What was the experience like when you dropped your first song?

EMYUNG AG: Well it was a very big one for me then but I didn’t get what I expected.
But I kept on believing.

ChimeFrancis: What were your lessons from the first release?

EMYUNG AG: Well, it taught me a lot of lessons you know. It taught me How to engage ur audience and also How to push myself.

ChimeFrancis: So tell us about your music in general.

EMYUNG AG: Well I do Afrobeats r&b
Which you can classify. as Afro fusion.

ChimeFrancis: How can our readers get your music?

EMYUNG AG: My song are available on different platforms. You can download them on Deringjoydigital, Stream them on Audiomack, iTunes, and Spotify.

ChimeFrancis: What’s your advice for anyone who wishes to come into music?

EMYUNG AG: Well my advice is for you to put God. Be persistent with your career. Always Pray for grace. Keep working one day
YoUr helper will locate you.

ChimeFrancis: Thank you for your time.

EMYUNG AG: It Is nothing bruv. My pleasure.

Download EMYUNG AG’S GOOD LOVE Single Here

Follow Emyung AG on Instagram @dahemyung and also Twitter @emyung3

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