An Interview With Comedian Iykomo – Fast Rising Comedian From The South East

Iykomo performing at humorality

CHIMEFRANCIS: Good day, our readers will like to meet you?

Iykomo: OK am Dike Emmanuel Ikechukwu Popularly known as Comedian Iykomo.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Where are you from?

Iykomo: I Am from Isiala Ngwa south LGA in Abia state, Nigeria.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Your educational background?

Iykomo: I finished secondary school in 2009,then went ahead to study statistics. I finished in 2016.

CHIMEFRANCIS: As a comedian, how did it start for you?

Iykomo: Well, i started comedy way back in secondary school, then i usually mimic my teachers. professionally in 2011 i kicked off.

CHIMEFRANCIS: What was the spark that brought you to consciousness that you want to be a comedian?

Iykomo: The moment i dream i see my self making people laugh on stage, each time i talk with friends and they tell me go do comedy, and also it has been my passion.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So how was your first performance? What was the experience like?

Iykomo: Well my first professional performance was in the catholic church and i was so scared because i never wanted to fail. i eventually didn’t fail.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Have you had the experience of telling a failed joke?

Iykomo: Hmm Jesus yes oh, every top comedian has had the experience, wen it happens just go back and work hard.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So how did you over come the experience?

Iykomo: Well i went to my house and i asked someone whether he wanted me to do comedy, he said yes then i started rehearsal everyday, reading and learning from the bosses. Then i came back.

CHIMEFRANCIS: You asked who?

Iykomo: God.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So how has the experience been as a comedian? What challenges have you experienced?

Iykomo: So many challenges has come, sometimes i trek to venue sometimes i sleep at the venue after show, sometimes i wouldn’t be paid fully, rain would hit me but the the passion is real.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So as a comedian, what memorable events have you performed and hosted?

Iykomo: I have had the opportunity to perform at the prestigious eko hotel for rugged man show, i have performed at AY live show in portharcourt. Well some other nice stages too.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Have you hosted personal events of your own?

Iykomo: Yes 2016 i hosted my maiden show ‘Iykomo unleashed’. It was mind blowing. It Sold out.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How was the planning & packaging experience?

Iykomo: Well it was stressful, but i and my team did well.

CHIMEFRANCIS: What would you say Is next for you as a Nigerian Comedian?

Iykomo: Well for now am running online skits, and preparing for my show.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So what should we expect from your show? Tell us about it.

Iykomo: More skits online, more performances and my upcoming show.

CHIMEFRANCIS: When is show coming up?

Iykomo: Next year.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So what will you advise comedians coming after you?

Iykomo: First have what you believe in your talent, write more jokes, rehearsal is key, go out for shows. Then believe in God.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How can our readers reach you ?

Iykomo: Ok my handle is @Comedian_iykomo fb: Emmanuel Iykomo dike.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Thank you for your time.

Iykomo: Thanks.

CHIMEFRANCIS: You are welcome.

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