CHIMEFRANCIS: Hello dear, our readers are eager to know you. Tell us about yourself.

Annie: I Am Annie Njoku
Creative director at Lswa global ventures.
I am from Nkanu east local government in Enugu state.

CHIMEFRANCIS: As creative director at LSWA Global Venture, What is your job description?

Annie: Lswa global ventures consists of an online mall/clothing bran brand known as Lswastyles on Instagram. (Website;
At Rannie media- where we handle events, content creation, social media/digital marketing, PR services. All these make up the Lswa global ventures.

CHIMEFRANCIS: When did you discover your enthusiasm for fashion?

Annie: (Laughs) I think since I was a child. You know when I was a kid, my mum makes sure I stand absolutely out amongst others . And then my paternal uncles and aunt will always say I took after my grand ma.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So how were you able to harness this enthusiasm of yours into profit making.

Annie: Lol, I sat one day ooo, so I started thinking randomly, then I thought of styling people. That was it.

CHIMEFRANCIS: What has been the challenges since you opened the LSWA Venture?

Annie: Challenges?? Lol, as a growing entrepreneur, you don’t always get the support you deserve from friends and family especially. Most times frenemies will be like hahahahhhhaha, what’s she doing? She thinks she will make it? I once remembered when I started my blog early 2018. Some persons entered my dm, “lmao, you blog?” You no wan go school again? I started my clothing brand, launched a website for it. Some Persons said to me one day, you think you will make it? You are fake, you are a scammer. This that, stop claiming CEO bla bla bla. By his grace, I will officially be CEO this 2020. Amen😂.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Do you think the e-commerce is viable enough? And how have you been able to beat doubt amongst potential customers?

Annie: Mmmmmmhhh, viable?? Let’s say it’s 85% viable.
Beating doubt amongst potential customers?? Aaaahhh , that is the most stressful part of everything . But then, when you doubt us and we try our best to convince you that we are not scammers and you still don’t want to patronize? We will let you be.
In a situation where a customer’s good is been delayed by courier services, we try our best to calm him or her down. If we are the reason why the customer is yet to get his or her goods, we will refund you within 72 hours.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So what makes LSWA a preferred choice to other existing competition?

Annie: Our great customer service, we produce quality products.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Can you shed more light on your media outfit? Rannie media

Annie: It consists of an ushering agency, events, content creation, social media/digital marketing. Currently, the team has two project at hand, we are looking at late January, early February, or mid February to unleash what we have in store for the crowd.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How do you manage your time? With all these projects and plans on your desk?

Annie: Lol, every weekend, I draft my plans for the week with a reminder on my phone.
Except the emergencies.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So what would you advice to a newbie who wants to go into your career path?

Annie: Consistency and diligence is very important.
You will, and must have trying times, but with prayers and hard work , nothing spoil. Don’t ever listen to what people will say, when you follow your dreams and push harder, they will adjust.
Everyone loves success.

CHIMEFRANCIS: How do a new-bie start?

Annie: Do researches, meet people who have been in the business long time before you. Have your capital.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So tell us about your social life?

Annie: I’m an introverted extroverted person.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So you have a lot of project lined up for the year. Which ones can you share with us?

Annie: Launch of an app and magazine, speaking to Enugu students/Youths about Entrepreneurship: a key to financial freedom.
And an after party afterwards. So many more projects lurking.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So What are your hobbies?

Annie: Hanging out and having intelligent conversations with friends.
I’m a foodie, am a foodie. Reading books too.

CHIMEFRANCIS: What’s your favourite food?

Annie: Indestructible Ukwa.

CHIMEFRANCIS: What are your kind of books?

Annie: Science fiction, satire, romance, encyclopedia.

CHIMEFRANCIS: So how can our readers reach you?

Annie: Email
Contact: 08104744950
@mhix_annie (my personal account).

CHIMEFRANCIS: Thank you for your time

Annie: Thanks for having me too.



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