ChimeFrancis: Hello Good day, tell us about yourself?

Daney: Good Day,
My name is Udochukwu A. Daniel, you can call me blackboi_Daney.
I am from Okigwe in IMO State, Nigeria, but I currently reside in Port Harcourt.
I am a graduate of History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

ChimeFrancis: How did it all start for you as an entertainer?

Daney: It all started way back when I was living in Lagos with my Aunt. I was around 11 years, and I had this small CD player that I would always carry around. And at the same time, I was trying to write songs out of other music artiste that I constantly listened to. So even though i wasn’t doing pretty well, i knew there was something special about me.
When I moved back with my parents in Port Harcourt, I continued where I left off. I had a friend who was into music too and we were like a duo. We wrote couple of songs together but we didn’t last, we got separated and even when I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue doing music, I just find a way of getting back to it. And I have been doing pretty good.

ChimeFrancis: So how has the journey been so far?

Daney: Uhhh Man.. too many ups and downs.
Sometimes I think I have it all figured out but then the next minute, it snaps, I start all over again.
As an Underground entertainer, I’m constantly learning and studying my art, there’s so much responsibility on your my shoulders, from having to convince a lot of people for support, seeking help from friends and family, getting shows to perform at, begging to get your songs playlisted, to the most important, which is finding my sound and style different from what is already out there. Honestly, it’s not easy.
Hasn’t been a smooth ride.

ChimeFrancis: What was your experience like with your first released song?

Daney: My first official released song, that was African Lady. It was pretty good, I was able to expand my horizon. I released that song sometime in my third year of study in school, the song got a wide range of audience both in school and back in Port Harcourt. It was cool for me but there was so much work that needed to be done that I couldn’t do at that time.

ChimeFrancis: What were the lessons from that first single?

Daney: I will say don’t think it’s all done when you’re done. I felt like I had arrived, when I was supposed to be fired up and put in more work out. I had to pay a price for that.

ChimeFrancis: Going forward from the release. What did you do differently?

Daney: Well, like I said earlier, I had to pay a price which I did. I took the blame, did more research, reached out to colleagues in the same field and learnt from what they had done, although I couldn’t do it immediately, but I have the knowledge now and I’m hoping to do better now.

ChimeFrancis: So what should your fans be expecting? Share your kind of music with us too.

Daney: My style of music is more of Afro inclined, although it’s still a process, I’m doing very well as an Afrobeat Artiste. I could do a fusion of Afro and any other genre, but basically it must have an Afro touch.
And I currently have a project running on my audiomack, it’s titled BATHROOM VIBE VOL.1 which is just my own way of keeping my fans active during this period of the pandemic. I’ve been working and i have a song coming, and then maybe a follow up with an EP. I’m not certain yet but i have good stuffs coming out soon.

ChimeFrancis: What is the motivation behind the bathroom project?

Daney: Okay I had recorded myself vibing to a beat with my Phone, and I was out with my friend 96th_Savage, and while we were talking about my music, he quickly chipped in and said, ‘Guy you gat take advantage of this period now wey everyone dey house cause of the lockdown, put something make them feel you’ so I quickly checked my phone to show him one of the vibes that I had done when I was in the bathroom, he liked it and then came Bathroom Vibes, we drew our plan, I had beats on my phone so I selected some for the project and I started out recording right inside my bathroom.

ChimeFrancis: Great. So let’s talk about the upcoming single and possible EP. How much can you tell our readers?

Daney: Yeah, First i will like to apologise to my fans and readers out there, for going off the radar for a long time.
The song is titled Believe it’s a cool song and quite relatable cause it talks about reality. And then I feel there’s a need, at this stage of my music career ,to put out a body of work to help my Fans and music lovers understand my style of music. It’s going to consist of 7 track, an interlude and a bonus track.

ChimeFrancis: How can we reach you and your music?

Daney: I’m on social media with the handle
@blackboi_daney on IG and on Twitter.
I’ve also got my songs on Audiomack, you can search blackboi_daney and I’ll be right there. You can also download my music on

ChimeFrancis: What’s your advice for anyone who has plans to come into music?

Daney: My advice for anyone out there planning to come into the music industry, Yeah come, there’s enough space, but don’t come without a plan and trust me, you just can’t come empty handed. It’s not easy out here, but it only gets easy when you’re doing the right thing the right way.

ChimeFrancis: Thank you for your time.

Daney: Thanks Chime I’m grateful for the opportunity.


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