An Interview With Adanna Ogolo, CEO Adanna’s Pot and Convener, Women Empower Men

DERIVINGJOY Digital: Good day, our readers will like to know you.

Adanna Ogolo: My name is Adanna Ogolo, I am from Rivers state.
I am an Entrepreneur,a chef by profession,and the CEO of Adanna’s pot. I also manage events. I read

DERIVINGJOY Digital: That’s really a huge profile I must confess. So first things first, how has your journey been so far?

Adanna Ogolo: I would say it has been rocky and rosy for me.

DERIVINGJOY Digital: So how did it all start for you?

Adanna Ogolo: I have always wanted to be a chef…always. When I was little I would always watch cooking shows
and then imagine myself cooking.
Cooking is one thing I’m passionate about. And I always tell people whenever you want to venture into business, make sure it is something you love, so you don’t only chase the money,but also enjoy the adventure that comes with it.

DERIVINGJOY Digital: So the first day you cooked, what was the experience like?

Adanna Ogolo: The first food I cooked was Jollof rice when I was eight. It was amazing but then compared to now,it was just there.

DERIVINGJOY Digital: So as a chef, are you self taught or you learnt under someone?

Adanna Ogolo: I went to a catering school where I was taught Cooking intercontinental and continental dishes,event management/planning and

DERIVINGJOY Digital: The business side of cooking, how lucrative and beneficiary has it been for you?

Adanna Ogolo: Well,well I would say it hasn’t been the way I expected but humble beginnings I guess. For me it is not all about the money, I see my business as a means to empower people.

DERIVINGJOY Digital: So why are you about empowerment?

Adanna Ogolo: I’m all about empowerment because there is a lot to be done and learnt…a lot.

DERIVINGJOY Digital: So what have you done to empower people out there?

Adanna Ogolo: Not much yet. I’m working on a new project currently.

DERIVINGJOY Digital: Can you shed light on this upcoming project of yours

Adanna Ogolo: it is tagged WOMEN EMPOWER MEN. Now I am no feminist,and I dont have any plans of emasculating the men.
I’m looking to create a platform where the women can be proud of their skills. I and other women would be the ones teaching the men basic skills they can use in life to empower themselves.
It is the first of its kind,and it will change the status quo.

DERIVINGJOY Digital: Alright. So how can our readers reach you?

Adanna Ogolo: Ok my social media platforms are
Fb:Princess Adanna Ogolo

DERIVINGJOY Digital: Do you have any last words for our readers?

Adanna Ogolo: Don’t underestimate yourself. You are greater than you think

DERIVINGJOY Digital: Thank you very much for your time

Adanna Ogolo: Anytime

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