A Conversation With Talented Singer & Beat Maker ‘KEMENA’ On Derivingjoydigital Show – Twitter

Good morning once again guys, today on #derivingjoydigitalshow we have talented singer and music producer

We are going to be discussing him and his music.

Are you ready?

CHIMEFRANCIS: Good Morning, how was your night to start with?

KEMENA: Great, making music as usual.

KEMENA: So people would love to know, who is ‘KEMENA’?

KEMENA: I’m a musician. That’s the long and short basically. I have not attempted to find myself outside of music, Im not sure I even want to😁

i’m a multi instrumentalist, producer, audioengineer, singer and songwriter, music director, and more recently, actor!

CHIMEFRANCIS: Lols the actor part is quite thrilling. If I may ask, how has the journey in music been so far for you?

KEMENA: Super difficult.
The music making process with friends, or alone in the studio has been amazing.
But every other process, of generally getting more recognition has not been easy.l have recently told myself to take it easy,not be in such a hurry to get to where I will still reach

CHIMEFRANCIS: I will join you to say that you are on the right step.
What would you say your kind of music is in a time of gbas gbos music?

KEMENA: Lol, gbas gbos
My music I believe, has my energy in it. It’s a bit complicated, but genre is too small a unit for qualifying my music. Or any music at all.
Every musician has an energy they feed into sounds. They may fall into multiple genres.
You will have to listen.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Do you think as a music maker you have an edge over other artistes who aren’t familiar with beat making and mixing and mastering of sound?

KEMENA: Not at all.
@burnaboy, @heisrema does not produce himself. Half of naija artistes don’t, they seem to be alright, don’t you think?

It’s not an edge to me.
Just a trait of my own originality.

I like many, I appreciate their music, I like their sounds. But as for influencing my own, it has to be

CHIMEFRANCIS: Great pick. So before we go into you tell us your future projects, can you share with us your thought process, how you went about your free album (vertigo), and doing short videos of remixed songs on Instagram?

KEMENA: I didn’t think at all to make the vertigo album. In all its rough edges, it’s my purest project.
The name vertigo, comes from the fear of heights.
I wasn’t trying to blow and get to the top with that project, I was just being me Honestly

CHIMEFRANCIS: People enjoyed vertigo I must say, I did especially the track on kpangolo.

So what is next for you? Because I believe the #kemenaarmy will be eager to hear something nice?

KEMENA: I have a joint EP with theMusicNerd this year, a fresh album after that maybe.

CHIMEFRANCIS: And a quick game before we call it a wrap since we have almost hit the 12pm mark.

? (Give reasons)

KEMENA: @iam_Davido
his music, attitude, he just awesome.
Plus I hope he dashes me money if he sees this.

CHIMEFRANCIS: Last words for all those following this conversation?

KEMENA: “My music is my journey, it’s a very interesting story. As you go About your life, follow mine. Everyone loves a good story.
I’ll give you music all the way through the story.
with Kemena.
Legendary. “

CHIMEFRANCIS: Thank you very much for spending your time with us… We had good fun!


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