Today, makes it 7 days after I did my first Lagos event and I must say it was a sweet ride from the beginning to the end.
I had fun and too bad it might be my last personal event for a long while.

So many people came through for me, my Angels (we found a name for my girls – Frankie’s Angels), and even men who didn’t have to sponsor, actually did.
I didn’t deserve all the love I was shown but lucky me the love came my way.

We did the best we could , I was talking for almost 49 mins and I won’t say I performed, I just talked and kept talking.
It isn’t a performance if the mic stand ain’t with me.

From here onwards, it will be a break from personal events – I almost decided to make it a break from comedy generally.
To be honest with myself, I feel there is something off which I need to revive from.

Like there is a juice that is absent which I need to find again.
And the people who we create for need something better than the last one.

This simply means I have to go back and fight my demons and then return again.
We all need that break at some point in our lives.
We all need to evolve too.

Away from me taking a break, I am glad to announce to you that the guys at @derivingjoydigi are will to grow with those who are new to CRYPTO and YOUTUBE MONEY MAKING by just asking you to pay 1 dollar.

This is something I encourage you to be a part of.
1 dollar for the knowledge and updates you will get is really mind blowing and we are making it possible without any external sponsors.
Simply visit DerivingJoy Digital IG page bio or @shopderivingjoy and join the chat group.

I hope you take this opportunity seriously.

I will document this part of my life
I will share more of my growth
I will be here to celebrate with you when I celebrate
I will also be here when I am vulnerable
I want you to share in every part of my story till the finish line.

Welcome to a new Dispensation.

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