BURDEN | A Teaser

A Sammy Moet Film Written by CHIMEFRANCIS Cinematography by Lenix and Victor Media Directed by Sammy Moet  65 total views

 65 total views

The Only Cure For Coronavirus

We are experiencing a phase as a people but we will beat it if we stay together. The only way we can is to; Isolate/Social distance Wash our hands regularly …

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Nkwobí – A Tale By AijayPorshe

The woodenware used in serving the popular Nigerian eat out meal common with the Eastern part of Nigeria seem to share the bowl of spicy cow feet with me because …

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I Didn’t Ask To Be Born A Girl

I didn’t ask to be a girl All I want is a chance to live for something. Obey your parents, they say The world is not safe Stay home Stay …

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IKPA and NKOYO are two love birds of Calabar origin living in Lagos. There is always a new story to tell about happenings that go on amongst them as they …

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