2019: MOVIES THAT MADE THE YEAR | Written by Damian Anastasia


Just like every other year, 2019 had an amazing lineup of movies in every genre. While some received amazing reviews, topped at the box office, some performed fairly, some set new records, and some failed at the box office.

Despite these facts, 2019 was amazing.

This is my list of 2019 movies of the year as well as runners up from different genres.

There were strong contenders for this position but my best for 2019 would be
Avengers: Endgame.
The movie saw the conclusion of a storyline that has spanned 10 years bidding a brethren goodbye and also laying new paths for many spinoffs. It was an epic journey and the end really justified the means.

And for the runner up, well that would be Shazam.
The young boy gifted by the Gods with the strength of Hercules, wisdom of Athena etc really captured my heart. For real, who wouldn’t want to be as strong as Hercules? It portrayed family and the sacrifices involved in being with or belonging to a family.

This genre has always been my all time favorite and well this decision was really difficult.
So after careful consideration, my horror movie of 2019 goes to;
IT:Chapter 2
When we think of clowns, Pennywise is definitely not the type we would want at our birthdays, but as an IT, it really was something. After 27 long years, the losers had to come back. As much as everyone wanted to see everyone together at last, the deaths which occurred made the storyline even more realistic. So it’s definitely my best.

For the runners up,we have a tie between Annabel Comes Home and Ready Or Not.
I picked The former because I’ve really enjoyed the franchise and also the chaos and havoc caused by malevolent spirits and the latter because of the not-so-normal-everyday story line, I mean, it’s not everyday your in laws decide to kill you on your wedding night.

Life won’t be cool without a little bit of laughter and smiles. The movies which fall into this category were funny in their own right but alas only one can be the movie of the year. We had movies like Madea Family Funeral, Murder mystery, Hustlers, Isn’t it Romantic.

Winner: Murder Mystery.
This hilarious crime comedy which starred Jennifer Aniston and Adams Sandler was a very educating crime movie which sent hints of joke with real puzzle solving abilities.

Runner up: Madea Family Funeral
Madea made herself a household name. With a brother like Joe, and friends like Hatti and Bam you can be sure to laugh your ass Out, because wherever they go,well, you know what happens next.


Love is and will always be a beautiful thing. They were a plethora of romantic movies this year but then there can be only one.
Winner: Five Feet Apart
Cole Sprouse nailed his role in this movie and I was sincerely moved to tears by the act of love and willing sacrifice. It definitely was romantic even with the absence of any form of physical actions.

Runner up: Perfect Date
Noah Centino is a ladies man that makes heart melt. Despite it’s almost predictable storyline, Noah’s acting was impressive.

This genre is a made up genre. Something I made up for movies I just couldn’t categorize.
And my oddest movie of the year goes to Glass.
Though it might seem as a superhero movie, I personally call it’s genre, Odd. A villain with 27 personalities, a crazy guy with Osteogenesis and an incredibly strong dad whose weakness is water. Wow!
Well it’s as odd as it gets and makes my odd list.

Runner up:

As far as animation goes, this year was also a good year for them. With animation like secret life of pets, frozen, toy story, abominable, wonder park etc
Winner: Secrets Life Of Pets 2
This animation really, really cracked me up. Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish are a perfect dose of laughter and fun. Heroism, Bravery, Family. I just loved it.

Runner up: Toy Story 4
‘To infinity and beyond’ Buzz light year and Woody finally gave a bow with this last installment. It’s sad to see it come to an end but then all good things do.

Once a while we are reminded of the strength of faith and belief.
Winner: BREAKTHROUGH was definitely that movie. A true life story about a mother’s unwavering faith and believe that her son would pull through a life threatening accident. I teared up till the very end.

What’s life without a little bit of drama. And what’s drama without a Psycho.
As far as drama goes JOKER takes this spot.
The joker (Joaquin Phoenix) nailed his performance in this standalone origin movie which shows how the feared Gotham villain,Joker, started out. It was a huge DC success.

Runner up: Once A Time In Hollywood.
Initially, I wasn’t really into the movie but after watching it a second time. It hit. Leonardo DeCaprio and Brad Pitt were made for their roles and at such it earns its place as a runner.

We are all allowed to fantasize about things we want once in a while. And while these fantasies might not come through, it doesn’t harm to give it a trial.
Winner: Aladdin
Despite negative reviews after the first trailer release, the movie went on to exceed box office predictions and earned a 1billion spot.
What I loved most was the attention to details from the original animation, the monkey, the parrot, the sultan even Jaffa’s rod. For me it was enjoyable.

Runner up:Pokémon: Detective Pikachu
Amongst all Pokémons, Pikachu is a popular one. The electric animal which can understand human feelings is a favorite of mine.
Though, the adult jokes were almost too noticeable, Reynolds still did a good job.

The use of special effects to create monsters is now a common thing in the movie industry. The realism it portrays is just so apt, you just end up asking yourself if it’s truly real.
Winner: Godzilla,King Of Monsters
The king had to defend his territory and he came out victorious. Though I’m looking forward to his battle with Kong, this SciFi was worth the time.

Runner up: Men In Black International
Well, Will Smith’s MIB really laid out the foundation for the Men In Black and at such I really expected more from this movie.
The charisma between the actors were on point but the storyline was kind of not MIB standard. But in the end I did love seeing Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson on screen synergy.

We had movies like Shaft, JohnWick, Angel has fallen, Terminator Dark Fate, Rambo:Last blood, Gemini Man, Hobbs and Shaw etc.
The movies were all nice but then,
John Wick: Parabellum
‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’
‘If you want peace, you should prepare for war’
The Bogeyman definitely didn’t disappoint, though nobody died at the hands of a pencil, but then, he did use a book to kill someone. The stellar performance by Reeves was just top notch as usual and I sincerely can’t wait for a John Wick Chapter 4.

If any other thing falls, it would be catastrophic. I’ve loved this franchise from the get go,from Olympus which fell, to London and finally The Guardian Angel. It was, for me, a final touch to everything. Banning is getting old and really needs to consider taking a desk.

And for Nollywood movies, only one movie stood out for me and it was
Living In Bondage.
Ramsey Noah’s directorial debut was definitely a cinema hit. It brought back nostalgic memories from the early years of Nollywood.

So that’s my 2019 List.

We anticipate the best for 2020.


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