1. The Problem Is Seeking People’s Validation

Many women today battle with self confidence.
They lack it.
They have sold it away, thinking validation from other people is better than the happiness they would derive from loving themselvesthe way they are.

The wigs, the make ups, artificial boobs, and butts has sprinkled into our social construct and every woman out there is a step away from suggesting to herself to go under the doctors knife to enhance something on her body to look good for people – remember the problem is seeking people’s validation and not what is good for them.

The creams, the soaps, body chemicals, lighting, and toning has become the today’s woman tool kit for beautification.

But are there consequences? Sure there are, but today’s woman needs to accept herself from within.

Today’s woman needs to appreciate her natural beauty.

Today’s woman needs to know that she is blessed and rules the world.

Today’s shouldn’t be enslaved to validation from people.

Today’s woman shouldn’t worship these enhancements.

You can look good by treating yourself good.

Be natural, break free from today’s social cages and see how you glow and grow to become a woman of valor.

Many problems the woman faces today has a root in women not loving themselves the way they are.

Fight those personal demons gradually from now onwards

”Women and Natural Beauty” – A DerivingJoy Campaign To Promote the Woman self worth and benefits of been Natural with things of Beauty

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